We win more lemon law cases than anyone else

We win more lemon law cases than anyone else

The Award-winning firm of Robert F. Brennan & Associates, established in 1991, has established itself as the premier consumer protection law firm in Southern California.

Is the law on your side?

The Lemon Laws in California provide protection to consumers that have purchased a car that does not meet performance standards. You shouldn’t have to bring your new car in for expensive repairs on a regular basis. Not only can this cost you money, but the time that’s spent driving back and forth to the dealership and taking time off of work can really add up. Our Attorneys fight for Lemon Law Victims to get them out of their bad car, and into a safe vehicle quickly, with no loss to our client.

Does your vehicle qualify?

California Laws stipulate how many repairs constitute a car being considered a “lemon,” and other specifics. These guidelines can be confusing at best, and not give you the definitive answer you’re after. We can help you determine if your car is a lemon quickly and easily today. Our Lemon Law Attorneys know the ins-and-outs of the law and legal system to get you the very best results in your case. You don’t have to listen to the dealership when the law is on your side.

Your free consultation

Our Law Firm handles more lemon law cases than anyone else in Los Angles County, because we’re the best at what we do. We offer free legal advice and consultations regarding lemon law car cases. If you want to get the best results out of your case, then we want to speak with you. Call the number below for your free consultation to get started. Find out why our clients refer their family and friends to our California lemon law firm whenever they’re having problems with a dealership.